Who is Jordan Dick?

I’m a husband, a father, a son, a brother and a good friend to many.

I’ve been a vegetarian for 25 years and I love old school frozen custard (hard to find these days.)

I have the heart of a teacher and a mechanic’s intellect. I love to know how things work, I always have, even as a child. And I really enjoy teaching my clients all that I know about web marketing.

I have a lot of patience for details and often times I do “sweat the small stuff.” This seems to work well for my clients. I have  yet to receive any complaints about me caring too much about all the details.

I love creating beautiful, functional websites that really do generate business. I’m genuinely motivated to help my clients succeed… and I think they get that about me.

Occasionally someone will drop me a note about how my services have impacted their business or life… and that’s what really fuels my passion for this work.

Web design customer review kingston ny“In terms of business, I am incredibly busy. Since I last spoke to you, I finished 2 cases, and right now I am in the middle of 5 cases. Another one is about to start next week. Most said they found me on-line, so the website you made for me must be working…”
-Ide Katims, Divorce Mediation in Kingston NY