A Marketing Based Approach to Web Design That Easily Pays For Itself

When You Hire Me

Jordan DickI’ve got a proven process that’s already completely mapped out for you–start to finish.

The first step begins with an in-depth marketing interview. Through a series of focused questions, I’ll get to know you and your business.

Depending on your location, I’ll interview you through video chat or in person. We’ll explore your market in-depth. We’ll talk about strategy and how to differentiate your brand.

I’ll work closely with you to define a picture of your ideal customer. We’ll look at the unique problems you’re able to solve for them and the specific issues that pain them.

It will be a fun and easy process. At least that’s what my clients say…

Web design customer review kingston ny“Thank you, Jordan. I must tell you that my colleague is now having her website professionally made, and listening to her experience with her web people, I am glad I worked with you.  You made the process quite stress-free.”
-Ide Katims, Divorce Mediation in Kingston NY

Getting to The Core of  Your Message

The marketing interview will help me make recommendations on how to differentiate your business from your competition–so you stand out.

I want your website to effectively communicate your offer and speak to your target audience in a natural way they will connect with.

Drawing from our recorded conversations, I’ll write your copy using the same natural language that you use when talking to prospects about what you offer.

Understanding Your Customers’ Perspective

It’s important to speak the language of your target market, so they can relate.  The best way to do this is to understand the things that matter to them, and the only way to really get inside their heads is to talk to them, and that’s exactly what I’ll do.

I’ll interview a bunch of your clients to find out what pains them. Where do they get frustrated?  How and why they make purchase decisions, and the real reason they chose to hire you, or buy your product or service in the first place.

When you’re armed with this kind of insight, writing meaningful, engaging copy and getting testimonials that sell, becomes much easier. That’s because your customers write your content for you.

Keyword Research

All my projects start with keyword research and an assessment of your competition.

I’d even say, any “web designer” that doesn’t start with keyword research and a competition assessment of the market, doesn’t know what they’re doing, and…

Hiring such a person would be like throwing your money down the toilet.

Once we have chosen some potential keywords to target, I’ll analyze the competition on Google to decide whether or not you have a shot at ranking on page one.

Assessing The Competition

Not only do we need to find profitable keywords that people actually type into Google, but we also need to carefully analyze your competition.

I’ll look at your competition’s back-links, domain authority and other technical metrics. This is a critical first step, and here’s why…

It doesn’t matter how much search volume there is for a given keyword phrase. If the competition is too steep, you won’t have a chance in hell at ranking on the first page of Google.

We need to establish what it’s going to take to get you on page one of Google before we start building your website.

If your competition is steep, you’re gonna need more than the basic on-page SEO services I provide for all my client sites. You’ll need some website promotion and link building.

Website Promotion

Website promotionThe best way to promote your website is to keep creating solid, informative content. Great content is more likely to get linked to and shared, and that’s exactly what you want.

There isn’t a business I have worked with that couldn’t benefit from ongoing content creation. It also happens to be a service you can hire me for.

It doesn’t matter how boring you think your business is. Your main product or service may actually be able to solve problems you never considered people would be searching for.

So you see, each problem you can solve deserves a page of its own. That’s because each page on your site is a potential entry point or landing page for a prospective customer.

It’s All About Conversions

In marketing speak, a conversion can be any action you want a site visitor to complete. It could be to make a purchase, watch a video, subscribe to a list, submit a contact form, etc.

When you define your conversion goals, the design approach shifts because now we are actually building a road map for our visitors. We’re providing a path forward with calls to action that gently guide the visitor to take the next step.

Doing web design using this approach is what get’s me excited about my work. It has the power to change the course of your business and potentially your life.

If you’re ready to get serious about growing your business, I’m here to help you.

Testimonial for Hudson Valley SEO consulting.“Business is f***ing AWESOME! You see the traffic. Lots of phone calls. More Fraxel and botox inquiries. People tell me things word for word from the website. I am THRILLED!”
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